Images Available

Selected images on this site are available in reproductions. Each reproduction is individually printed and custom made to the size of your choice with some restrictions depending on the image selected. Each reproduction comes with a 7 cm border for easy handling and framing.

Each reproduction is on fine grade canvas that can be framed behind glass or on a stretcher. Each reproduction has an expected ink life of 80 years with no fading of colour.

Reproduction Size
Retail Price (AUD)
42 x 59.4 cm (17 x 23 in) $600
59.4 x 84.1 cm (23 x 33 in) $1000
84.1 x 119 cm (33 x 47 in) $1400
119 x 150 cm (47 x 59 in) $1800


The reproduction you purchase remains copyright of the artist [ George P. Hatsatouris ] and can not be re-printed, distributed, replicated or manipulated in any way, shape or form.

© George P. Hatsatouris

Payment Methods

To pay for your high quality reproductions, you can pay either by direct bank deposit (bank details provided upon placement of your order) or via cheque.


All reproductions are supplied unmounted and shipped inside shipping tubes. Once your order has been received, it is usually processed and ready for shipping within seven days. However, please allow up to two weeks for delivery for orders placed within Australia and three - four weeks for international orders.

Shipping costs vary with depending on the size of the reproductions ordered, therefore exact price of shipping costs cannot be determined until order is placed.