Hatsart is an online gallery selling reproductions of George P. Hatsatouris' artworks.

George P. Hatsatouris is a well-known Australian artist who has been exhibiting in Australia for over 35 years. George P. Hatsatouris studied art in Sydney, Florence and London and he creates magnificent and inspiring work that captures incredible scenery and people from all around the world.

Hatsart sells Giclee reproductions of George P. Hatsatouris' work. Giclee is a modern and innovative printing process that enables quality fine art reproductions to be created on canvas or paper. These reproductions have a fade-free display life of over 100 years or more and they are very hard to distinguish from the original. Each of these fine art reproductions is produced under the guidance and approval of the artist.

Hatsart displays George P. Hatsatouris' works that you can own as a reproduction or you can contact us for information on his original works if that is what you are interested in. Have a look through the galleries on the homepage and find an artwork that you love, or you might even find the perfect gift.

“George Hatsatouris' works are suffused with a radiant reality... He paints and draws everything around him... The figure is always a significant element in his works but equally important is the landscape" Lyn Fern, Art Writer and Historian